Here are some frequently asked questions and answers that hopefully will help you:

There will only be the two of us at the lesson – myself (Roslyn) and the student. I down-load backing tracks from the internet onto my computer as .midi files.

That means I can change the backing if we want the song in a different key, or if we want to add or subtract verses or make other musical changes. We download the finished product onto your USB drive as well, so that you can take that home to practise. I can also make CDs for you to use as a backing to sing to your friends, or on other occasions.

How to control nerves, microphone techniques, breath control, the vocal instrument , tone placement , pitch and tone control, clear diction, phrasing, relaxation, posture, presenting the song, how to remember the words

We work in a relaxed and happy atmosphere, and choose the songs together. No-one is expected to learn a song they don’t like. In fact, I encourage students to bring me the songs they want to learn, because I know from my own experience that we learn and sing better when we enjoy the experience.

When we decide on a lesson time, that is our commitment to each other, and I will set aside your time week by week until we agree on a change. If you can’t come to a lesson, please ring and let me know. If you’re ill we’ll make up the lesson at another time, with the fee payable at that time.

If you can’t come to one because of something you prefer to do, we may be able to make it up at another time, but if we can’t the fee is payable in addition at the next lesson. If you don’t let me know you will be away, the fee for the missed lesson is payable in addition at the next lesson. If I’m not advised that lessons have been stopped, the fee will be expected until I am advised. Please pay at the beginning of the lesson, to save embarrassment if we forget about it.

Not at set times. When you are going on holiday, tell me the dates in advance, and I’ll also let you know when I’ll be away. Missed lessons due to holidays can be made up at another time, with the fees paid at the make-up lessons. There are no fees payable if I’m away. However, if students are away too often, the tuition becomes unworkable, as memory and muscle development rely on systematic refreshing.

Please bring to each lesson: a presentation book (the book with empty plastic sleeves in it); an exercise book (not one with music staves in it – just an ordinary school book), and a USB memory stick.