I have known Roslyn Dunbar-Wells since 1981.  As a person who has a passion for the arts, especially music, Roslyn has had a distinguished career in Opera, Operetta & Musical comedy. Several years ago I saw her performing, with a high quality cast at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, where she took the role of Adele in Die Fledermaus which I enjoyed immensely. I have no hesitation in highly recommending her talents to pass on her passion in singing , to train young singers to achieve their full potential. 

John Gray

I have been taking singing lessons with Ros for just over five years. Her knowledge, positivity, encouragement and passion are qualities that make her a great teacher. She is a skilful singing tutor with great empathy for her students and has an easy manner whilst demanding the highest standards. Ros has helped me with vocal and breathing techniques. She really takes the time to individualise her lessons to suit my way of learning. With Ros I feel very special. She has definitely improved my confidence and provided me with the necessary skills to perform at concerts. I am really grateful to have Ros as my singing teacher.

Carmel Sherry

Have you ever played with the idea of learning to sing but told yourself you wouldn’t be able to learn because you’re “probably tone deaf”, or you think you’re too old, or you think “I could never learn to sing”?   When Ros first began teaching me to sing a couple of years ago I had absolutely no background in music whatsoever, I was in my mid 50’s & up until that point I had never ever even considered the possibility of learning to sing. The only reason I decided to learn was simply because ‘it seemed like a good idea at the time’…& I am very happy to share that it has been an amazing journey for me.   Ros is not only an extremely knowledgeable teacher in music, but more importantly she has deep insight & understanding of people; she knows we all struggle with the same challenges in the beginning & whatever we are going through is part of our learning process.  She has this wonderful ability to see in her students the potential for what we are capable of, yet we have absolutely no idea. You might say she holds a vision of what we can do & eventually we begin to get a glimpse of what she sees as well & that is an amazing experience…it is inspirational & uplifting to know her belief in your potential. 


I have had great pleasure in working with Roslyn Dunbar-Wells over the last few years as Accompanist for her Choirs and Solo Singing Students. I have seen them be transformed into performance class singers as Roslyn passes on her vast experience and knowledge to them. I have no hesitation in recommending Roslyn to anyone wishing to take up singing as a career, or just to improve their singing for their own pleasure.

Margaret Bennett-Hall

Roslyn has been an excellent singing tutor to Liam (8 years old). He says she is better than any of the teachers he has at school. She is friendly, passionate, patient, motivating and has improved Liam’s singing ability over the year since he started lessons. Roslyn has also been wonderfully flexible to accommodate our family schedule. We highly recommend her to everyone who is wanting to start or improve their singing voice.


Roslyn is a very kind and gentle teacher. During four months of weekly lessons, I have learnt more about singing and music than I have learned in the last five years. We do work hard but we enjoy it.